Dog credited with helping search crews rescue owner who fell down cliff

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Authorities in California are crediting a border collie for helping search crews find and rescue its owner last week after he fell down a cliff at Tahoe National Forest.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office's Search and Rescue unit said on its Facebook page that on July 14, they were called in to assist in the search for a 53-year-old man who fell approximately 70 feet and broke his ribs and hip.

Sgt. Dennis Haack told the New York Times that the unidentified man was able to call 911 around noon on July 13 after he crawled up a rocky bluff to where he was staying.

The newspaper reported that the search crew found Saul, the dog, in the forest seven hours later.

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The department said the dog then ran approximately 200 yards, and there, under a camp tarp, was Saul's owner.

Officials said the man was flown by helicopter to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, the newspaper reported

The department said the dog was transported back to Grass Valley and given "a well-deserved dinner."