Dog missing more than 30 days rescued from abandoned building in Detroit

'People need to be held accountable. They want to have these properties, do something with it already.'
Posted at 11:30 AM, Oct 04, 2022

(WXYZ) — A dog that had been missing for more than 30 days was recently rescued from an old building thanks to the quick-thinking action of community members and Detroit Animal Control.

Jessica Ramirez of the community group Detroiters Helping Each Other got an urgent call from a friend who got a call about a dog stuck in the basement of an old commercial building in southwest Detroit. It took about 30 minutes of calling out for the dog for him to make it to the sound of their voices and the hole he fell through on the property.

Ramirez went live on Facebook, asking for help.

You can hear her say, "I need help... see this property. He fell through... we're feeding him... hold on, baby. We're going to get you out."

Dog rescued after getting stuck in basement of old commercial building in Detroit

She asked if anyone was missing a dog in that area. What is so troubling is that the abandoned building is just down the street from a school. It's not adequately secured, leaving it a hazard for any person or animal that might step foot into it only to fall into the basement.

"People need to be held accountable. They want to have these properties, do something with it already," said Ramirez.

Thankfully, she was able to reach out to someone she knows at Detroit Animal Control for help.

"And she sent a crew that was just ending the shift. Three of them, and they came and they helped me... they went in, they did a ramp," she said.

Ricky Stewart was losing faith that he'd ever find his dog named Joey. Then came an unexpected call: Joey had been found and was being pulled out of a basement. He was missing for 36 days.

"My heart just sank because I was about to give up hope finding him, and when I saw his very little face, like 'okay, that's him,'" said Stewart.

Stewart will never forget being reunited with Joey, and he's thankful for everyone who helped bring him home.

"I appreciate it so much. You know the depths of my heart and praise God and hope that he gives them all blessings in their endeavors and helping animals in Detroit," said Stewart.

A spokesperson for the City of Detroit said a crew is being dispatched to board up the building. The building is privately owned, and the city will work with the property owner to ensure it remains secure.

"Owners, board up your properties. Stop being lazy," said Ramirez.

Through her organization, Detroiters Helping Each Other, Ramirez is now raising money to help get Joey vaccinated, neutered and groomed because after being in the basement of that decaying building, he's terribly matted and could use a good bath.

If you'd like to contribute, click here.

This article was written by WXYZ.