Arizona state trooper breaks silence after being shot during Las Vegas massacre

Posted at 11:43 PM, Feb 01, 2018

An Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper is breaking his silence after he was shot during the Las Vegas massacre four months ago.

Brandon White is still recovering from injuries he sustained at the Route 91 Music Festival and has a lot of work to do before he will be able to walk again. 

"When the automatic fire started, I knew we were in very serious trouble," White said. "I had doubts if I was going to live through this event."

White was off duty and having fun with friends in Las Vegas when the shots rang out. His main focus was getting his friends out of the arena. 

"Obviously we have to be trained in gunfights and how to survive events like this," White said.

Brandon pulled his friends to the ground, including Amanda Hermann and Kaylee Dodd. 

"A calm voice," Hermann described. "'Be quiet. I'll tell you when. Just stay down.'" 

"I knew that the only way to make it out was if we got down low," said White. "And once it stopped, we get up and get out."

In the shuffle, White was hit with bullet fragments. 

"My hand popped up," White said. "I looked at it and blood was everywhere. And I looked at the ground and rounds were impacting like right next to us."

Then he was shot from behind. He showed the bullet hole in the jeans that are still stained with blood. 

"The end of this is what would be fired out out a weapon," White showed, as he held a .223 bullet up next to the jeans. "It fits right in there perfect."

Running for his life, White received his worst injury — a torn ligament in his ankle. But he kept going. 

"For the first time in my life, I needed a police officer," White said. "Because I've always been one."

And amazingly, White and all of his friends made it out alive. 

"He saved my life and her life and so many others," said Kaylee Dodd. 

"Knowing what he went through, even after we got split up, and what he's still going through," said Hermann.

But through the pain, White honors 58 others. 

"You never know what 58 dead victims of something is until you see all the crosses," said White. "I'm happy to still be here. And it puts a new kind of lease on your life."

White just had his second ankle surgery. He's currently on leave from DPS and starts physical therapy in the near future. 

His friends set up a GoFundMe account to help with all the medical expenses.