Feud between NRA, doctors continues in wake of Chicago hospital shooting

Posted at 2:54 PM, Nov 20, 2018

The ongoing feud between the National Rifle Association and the medical community continues in wake of a shooting at a Chicago hospital Monday.

A recent article published earlier this month by physicians called gun violence a public health crisis and called for tougher gun laws. In response, the NRA tweeted that doctors should “stay in their lane.”

The NRA’s response received backlash, with doctors across the U.S. and abroad expressing their disdain using the hashtag #ThisisMyLane, often with graphic images giving a glimpse into emergency rooms after treating victims of gun violence.

Monday, gun violence became personal for doctors and nurses at Mercy Hospital in Chicago after a shooter entered, killing an ER doctor, a pharmacy resident and a Chicago Police Officer.

Now, another group of doctors are pushing back against the NRA. In an editorial published by the Annals of Internal Medicine, doctors say they won’t be silenced in using what they learn to better care for their patients.

“The NRA does not believe firearm-related injury and its prevention is within the purview of physicians. We could not disagree more,” read the editorial in part.

The NRA has accused doctors of pushing a gun control agenda.