Flexibility will be key to job market in 2022, experts say

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Posted at 12:17 PM, Jan 03, 2022

What will the job market look like in 2022? It's no surprise — experts say flexibility will continue to be the key to success.

"What you are going to find is that there are going to be continuing fluctuations at various companies around the country," said Lisa Rowan, a consumer finance expert at Forbes Advisor. "You're going to have maybe some COVID hotspots where you might have to shift back to that remote environment."

The biggest opportunity for employment will continue to be hospitality and leisure fields. However, experts are seeing more jobs pop up as "remote."

"So if you're someone who worked in a customer-facing job, say, retail or one of those leisure positions, you might be able to work in customer service and work from home, online," Rowan said. "So, we're seeing a lot of shift there, too, but so much of it is in those services that we've been relying on since the pandemic changed our lifestyles."

Ultimately, prepare to see a lot of fluctuations at various companies around the country — meaning that plenty of job title changes and streamlining may be on the way.