Free Blockbuster allows community to take a movie, leave a movie

Last Blockbuster
Posted at 12:52 PM, Jul 15, 2022

There have been lending libraries in communities for years allowing people to trade books.

Now, there is one styled like a once popular video rental chain for movies in Minnesota.

The Free Blockbuster Robbinsdale recently opened outside of a record shop . The community stocks a newspaper box with movies that anyone can use.

There is even a sign on the box that says “take a movie, leave a movie.”

“ I hope it, a little bit of a community grows up around it,” Travis Stone, creator of the Free Blockbuster, told KARE. “I love movies, always have and I love the idea of sharing them with people, even though people like to stream more now. But there's something to be said for physically having it and watching it. And so many people watch movies on their screens and phones and tablets and laptops, which is really isn't what they're the way they're meant to be enjoyed.”