Giant gator seen strolling down path in South Florida

Posted at 9:41 PM, May 31, 2017

OCHOPEE, Florida — Seeing a huge alligator is scary, but seeing one headed your way is even scarier. 

Big Cypress Gallery Adventures posted a video on their Facebook Page Wednesday of a gigantic male gator named Snaggletooth seen making his way down a paved path towards a photographer. 

"The video is kind of shaky because I am walking backwards trying to keep a respectable distance between us!," said photographer Carol in the Facebook post. 

She also added that while Snaggletooth appears to be very close to her she actually used a zoom lens to capture the moment. 

Snaggletooth didn't make it far though. He could be seen walking a short distance before laying down on the pavement.

According to Big Cypress Gallery Adventures, Snaggletooth is the father of 32 babies and has more on the way.