GOAT tops list of words that should be 'banished' in 2023

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Posted at 12:12 PM, Jan 03, 2023

Stop using imprecise and meaningless words! That's the message from Lake Superior State University, which publishes a list annually of words that should be "banished."

Its 2023 Banished Words List includes the term GOAT, an acronym for greatest of all time. The university says the term is too vague as it's used to describe people from Olympic gold medalists to "Jeopardy!" champions.

"The singularity of ‘greatest of all time’ cannot happen, no way, no how. And instead of being selectively administered, it’s readily conferred," Peter Szatmary, executive director of marketing and communications at Lake State.

"Inflection point" and "quiet quitting" also appear on the list. The terms are described as inaccurate and overused.

The university has issued its Banished Words List since 1976 in an effort to "support excellence in language."

2023 Banished Words List

2. Inflection point
3. Quiet quitting
4. Gaslighting
5. Moving forward
6. Amazing
7. Does that make sense?
8. Irregardless
9. Absolutely
10. It is what it is