Government watchdog faults US Postal Service analysis of new trucks

Postal Service Electric Vehicles
Posted at 8:59 PM, Apr 05, 2022

A government watchdog says the U.S. Postal Service's environmental evaluation used for purchases of next-generation delivery vehicles relied on some false assumptions.

Jill Naamane from the Government Accountability Office told a House committee on Tuesday that the analysis used to determine the mix of gas and electric vehicles overstated maintenance costs of electric vehicles.

She said the analysis also relied on gas prices that don't reflect the current reality. Some environmental groups want the Postal Service to buy 100% battery-electric vehicles for up to 165,000 new delivery vehicles. Instead, the Postal Service has proposed a mix of gas and electric vehicles.

As the Associated Press reported, USPS estimated in 2020 that gas would cost $2.21 to $2.36 per gallon, yet the national average in March was at $4.24 per gallon according to AAA Gas Prices.