Group breaks into New York school, survive massive blizzard

Winter Weather New York
Posted at 11:24 AM, Dec 30, 2022

A man who identified himself as Jay broke into a school to help save people’s lives last week during last week’s historic western New York blizzard. The storm dropped several feet of snow amid hurricane-force winds.

Jay left a note for the school apologizing for the break-in.

"The selflessness that people showed to help others during the storm is what WNY is really made of. A keyholder of the Pine Hill School received an alarm on Friday evening of glass break," the Cheektowaga Police Department wrote. "Unfortunately, due to the deteriorating weather conditions, we were unable to respond immediately to the alarm. Once we could send an officer to check the building they found one of the windows had been broken out."

He used a snow thrower in the school to help rescue people stranded in the snow. The group entered the school and only ate enough food to “stay alive."

Police said no charges would be filed against the group. Officials did want to identify jay and recognize him for his actions. By Thursday evening, they found Jay and said the group became a family.

He told officials that they are planning to gather for a summer picnic.