Health officials warn against TikTok 'dragon's breath' trend

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Posted at 12:28 PM, Jan 19, 2023

A food trend featured on TikTok could be dangerous.

Health officials are warning against consuming food prepared with liquid nitrogen to create the illusion of smoke coming out of the nose and mouth.

The treats are apparently common in Indonesian street food markets. The country's health minister told The Guardian that approximately 25 kids needed medical treatment after consuming the treats.

They reportedly suffered burns to their skin, stomach pain and food poisoning.

The trend isn't just showing up in Indonesia. Videos posted on TikTok show users worldwide trying out various versions of the popular street food. Some of the foods prepared with liquid nitrogen include cereals and candies.

The Food and Drug Administration issued an advisory warning in 2018 about using liquid nitrogen and dry ice. The agency notes that there are legitimate
reasons to use the freezing agents. However, it cautions that consuming food immediately after it was prepared with the substances can leave the products at "extremely low temperature, posing a significant risk of injury."