City wonders if panhandler's sad sign is truth

Posted at 12:40 AM, May 27, 2016

Drivers in the Phoenix, Arizona area continue to wonder whether a panhandler’s sad sign tells a true story — and what can be done if it's all a scam.

The man holds a poster board asking for money to pay for his son’s burial.

A Facebook group called “Stop the help me bury my son guy” was founded in 2015. The group’s members post sightings of the man and list his location for that day.

The man had his sign Thursday near the funeral processional route for fallen Phoenix Police Officer David Glasser.

“He’s taking advantage of that moment in their life,” said Chris Sell, who said he has seen the panhandler every day for “years.”

The panhandler told Phoenix's KNXV-TV that he did not know an officer’s funeral processional was nearby, and that he has $300 left to raise toward a $14,000 funeral loan for his son.

He would not say how long he has been raising money, nor would he provide his telephone number or name. He did say he could provide documentation to prove his story.