How to be more sustainable this holiday season

Posted at 2:49 PM, Nov 29, 2023

The holiday season for a lot of people means shopping. But, consuming more means we may not be thinking of ways to cut back on our carbon footprint.

Environmental advocate with Science Moms, Dr. Melissa Burt shares ways we can all be more sustainable during the holidays.

1.) Reduce food waste

"Maybe make the things that you really need to eat versus making everything that you think you should eat."

2.) Switch out your lights

"Switch everything to LED bulbs, or use some of those mini string lights because they release less energy in that way."

3.) Use biodegradable holiday decorations

"So, you could use things like popcorn. Everyone loves a string popcorn on the line and put that on your tree or cranberries or other little fun things that you have around the house."

4.) Use what you have to wrap gifts

"Coming up with other fun products that you can use to wrap gifts if that's like tea towels or even blankets."