IRS plans to hire 10,000 workers to relieve massive backlog

IRS backlog
Posted at 4:45 PM, Mar 10, 2022

WASHINGTON (AP) — The IRS is announcing plans to hire 10,000 new workers to help reduce a massive backlog that the Biden administration says will make this tax season the most challenging in history.

"It's an exciting time to work for the Internal Revenue Service," said IRS Taxpayer Experience Officer and Wage and Investment Commissioner Ken Corbin. "Those who wish to work with customer service as their focus are encouraged to apply. This is gratifying work - as these newly hired individuals will process tax returns and deliver refunds to the nation's taxpayers."

The IRS plan to work down the tens of millions of filings includes speeding up the traditionally slow hiring process, relying more on automated processes and bringing on more contract workers to help with mailroom and paper processing.

The agency faces a backlog of around 20 million pieces of correspondence, which is more than 15 times as large as in a normal filing season.

The IRS workforce is the same size it was in 1970.

The hiring push comes at a busy time of year for the IRS. Federal taxes are due April 19.