Joe Biden will meet with Jacob Blake's family during visit to Kenosha on Thursday

Joe Biden will meet with Jacob Blake's family during visit to Kenosha on Thursday
Posted at 4:25 PM, Sep 02, 2020

Joe Biden will be meeting with the family of Jacob Blake during his visit to Wisconsin on Thursday.

The family's attorney confirmed the update to TMJ4 on Wednesday.

Biden is expected to visit Kenosha on Thursday with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, just two days after President Donald Trump was there. The visit was announced Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, President Trump surveyed damage and met with law enforcement. He did not meet with Blake's family while he was in Wisconsin. During a news conference ahead of the visit, the president said the family had wanted to involve lawyers in their conversation.

"And I thought that was inappropriate, so I didn't do that. But I did speak with the pastor of the family," Trump said.

Former Vice President Biden is scheduled to visit Kenosha on Thursday, a little less than a month after he took part in the virtual Democratic National Convention. Biden did not travel to Milwaukee during the convention due to coronavirus concerns.

During an education event on Wednesday, Biden told media that he has received "overwhelming requests" from Democratic leaders to visit Wisconsin.

"What we want to do is -- we've got to heal. We've got to put things together. Bring people together," Biden said during the address, CNN reported.

When asked why he was traveling to Wisconsin, only the third time in recent months in which he's gotten on a plane, Biden said his message was still getting out.

"A President has a responsibility to set examples- set the right example of how to get out. To wear a mask, not be in a potential cauldron for significant COVID outbreaks.," said Biden. "What I've done is met...with medical experts. We worked out a protocol, how I get on a plane, how it's sanitized, how I engage people. It's always at a safe distance. Everybody's wearing masks. The vast majority of people I'm meeting with are all tested as well. I'm just trying to set the example. Wearing protective gear, the mask, making sure we proceed with adequate social distancing"

The specific details for Biden's visit have not been released yet.

Following the announcement of the Biden's visit, the Republican Party of Wisconsin issued the following statement:

“It shouldn’t take rioters burning down the City of Kenosha to get Joe Biden to visit our state. Joe Biden made COVID excuses as to why he couldn’t visit Wisconsin, but the seven-day average of new COVID cases in Wisconsin remains nearly unchanged compared to the DNC week. This desperation trip is about Biden’s support slipping as violent anti-Trump protestors are creating chaos around the country."

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