Lions throw shade at Packers for picking a punter

Packer fans fire insults right back
Lions throw shade at Packers for picking a punter
Posted at 12:48 PM, Apr 29, 2018

MILWAUKEE -- The Detroit Lions were throwing some shade at the Packers for drafting a punter.

"We're planning to see him on the field a lot next season," they tweeted.

Packer fans were quick to pounce on the Lions twitter, firing back with gifs and memes about the Lions lack of success.

One fan posted a video of the Hail Mary.

Another posted the famous, but overused Simba and Mufasa meme.

This fan actually backed it up with some facts.

The punter the Packers picked was Alabama's JK Scott who, over his four year career, averaged 45.6 yards per punt, a hangtime of 4.55 seconds and dropped 25 percent of his punts inside the 10 yard line.

He was the first punter selected in the draft, of two total selected, and the first punter selected in the NFL draft since 2016.

Some other recently drafted punters include all-pros Pat McAfee and Thomas Morestead, but also feature plenty of duds like Brent Bowden, Matt Dodge and Durant Brooks.

After the draft, Brian Gutekunst defended his team's punter selection.“The special-teams emphasis was something I wanted to make sure we put a stamp on," he said. “In this particular case we had a player we thought was rare and we decided to go ahead and pull the trigger.”