Major brands, like Lowe's, are stepping up to help small businesses

Major brands, like Lowe's, are stepping up to help small businesses
Posted at 3:15 PM, Nov 30, 2020

While Congress takes its time, major brands are stepping up to help small businesses.

“That grant helped us tremendously to kind of keep everybody, give everybody a level of comfort that the company was on a solid financial footing, at least for a couple of months,” said Rohan Freeman, owner of 7 Summits Construction.

Freeman owns a small construction company in Hartford, Connecticut, which received a $20,000 dollar grant from Lowe’s that kept them from having to lay people off.

Monday, Lowe’s opened its grant application process for small businesses, again. It runs through Sunday. Lowe’s says it will give $55 million in grants.

“We're seeing the impact that, you know, us having the ability to stay afloat and stay in business, having the community and now some of our nonprofits and some of our smaller clients are moving forward with their projects,” said Freeman.

“As soon as we get to 2021, the pandemic doesn't go away and small businesses don't pick up from where they left. We need to continue to support them and ensure their future viability online,” said Liz Austin with eBay.

eBay has helped small businesses during the pandemic by giving another $500,000 to 50 small businesses in grants.

You can apply for a grant from eBay through December 11. Click here to learn more.

eBay is also featuring small businesses on their holiday marketplace Pinterest and Instagram accounts.