Man charged for shooting at Michigan teenager who knocked on door for directions

Posted at 8:57 PM, Apr 13, 2018

ROCHESTER HILLS, Michigan — A Michigan man is accused of trying to kill a teen after the boy allegedly knocked on his door for directions.

Jeff Zeigler, 53, a former Detroit firefighter, is charged with assault with intent to murder over the incident.

Lee Kolozsvary, a long-time friend of Zeigler's says he's blown away by the allegations and thinks he was just trying to scare away the teen at the door.

During a hearing on Friday, Zeigler said the public isn't hearing the whole store.

Brennan Walker, 14, got lost on his way to school without a phone after missing the bus.

"I guess I put my hand up, I don't really remember, and I started to run," Walker said. "I looked back behind me and I saw him aiming at me and I turned back. I turned back and I heard the gunshot."

Walker's family said the thought he was trying to break in. It was all caught on security video.

Kolozsvary says he doesn't think Zeigler had any intent to kill.

"The Jeff Zeigler I know, he's a good guy," Kolozsvary said. "I know what kind of family man he is and I don't think he had any malice whatsoever toward that young man except for the protection of his home."