Man left Las Vegas after mass shooting. He was killed during Saturday's mass shooting in Texas

Posted at 9:47 PM, Sep 03, 2019

Rudy Arco, 57, moved from Las Vegas to Odessa after the 2017 mass shooting there that killed 58 people and injured almost 700 others, his family told CNN.

Arco was one of seven killed during last Saturday's mass shooting.

Arco started a trucking company after moving to Odessa, working hard to build his business, his family told CNN.

He was driving home from work in his truck when he was shot.

His dad was "the last person I'd ever think to go," his son Ardy Arco said, because he was "always just on his toes," and "aware of his surroundings at all times."

He was a man of faith, his daughter Julie Arco said.

"If he said 10 words to you, five of them were about God," Julie Arco said.

The family left Cuba to escape communism, his wife, Bari Arco, told CNN.

"And now we are in America, the best country, the best everything, and we are not safe," Bari said. "Look what happened. He was coming from work, driving his truck, and that's it. He's gone."

Bari Arco said she has a message for President Trump.

"We want him to say that he wants Americans (to) be safe again," the widow said.