Man to eat nothing but Taco Bell for 30 days to prove it’s healthy

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Posted at 12:57 PM, Jul 20, 2022

A Virginia man said he is going to eat nothing but Taco Bell for 30 days in an attempt to prove that someone can eat a healthy diet eating nothing but fast food.

Sam Reid told WDBJ-TVthat he was motivated by a news article that claimed Taco Bell is one of the healthiest fast food restaurants.

He said he will eat three meals a day at Taco Bell, and will consume each menu item at least once.

"My hypothesis is that healthy fast food can actually help you become healthier,” he told WDBJ.

He intends to have checkups with doctors during his 30-day Taco Bell diet.

And if he can successfully prove someone can consume a healthy diet eating nothing but Taco Bell, he said it could eliminate a stigma around consuming fast food.

"I think that would be really beneficial for people to not demonize what they eat or maybe glorify looking a certain way but it's more about the relationship that we have with our food,” he told WDBJ.

Taco Bell boasts that 75% of its menu contains items under 500 calories. It also says that customers can request items to be made “fresco style,” which “replaces items typically higher in calories and fat, like mayo-based sauces, cheeses, and reduced-fat sour cream with freshly prepared diced tomatoes.” By doing that, Taco Bell said calorie counts in some items can go down 25%.