Mechanic refurbishes vehicles to give away for the holidays

Posted at 10:26 AM, Nov 17, 2022

CACHE COUNTY, Utah (KSTU) — A mechanic in Utah is donating his skills to give the gift of transportation to a family in need.

Jason Hansen said he refurbishes a vehicle every year and delivers it to a special family in time for Christmas.

“This year I have a Yukon,” Hansen said.

The tradition began several years ago after Hansen fixed a van for a neighbor going through a difficult time. Now, he acquires a used vehicle every year. He puts in the work to ensure it's reliable and then donates it to a family that can use it.

“I try to make the cars as perfect as I can,” he said.

Hansen purchases the parts with his own money and donates the labor.

Since people in the community became aware of his efforts, donations have been made to help cover the cost of expensive parts.

“My absolute favorite part is people coming together,” Hansen said. “I had a friend I hadn't talked to in 10 years, and he gave me $300 for the project.”

More goes into this project than a car. Hansen fills the vehicle with toys and gifts. He recruited his friend Ty Mortensen to play the part of Santa.

“People who have really struggled and really had hardship – to have them come out and get a car and presents – it's mind-blowing,” said Mortensen.

Hansen is currently selecting a deserving family for this year’s delivery. He says he has a couple of candidates in mind.

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