Minor league baseball players set to get massive pay raise

MLB and minor league players are set to agree to a first-of-its-kind deal that will result in their salaries nearly doubling.
Minor league baseball players set to get massive pay raise
Posted at 6:40 AM, Mar 30, 2023

MLB reached a tentative agreement with minor league baseball players as the MLB season is set to begin on Thursday, a source told the Associated Press. 

MLB and its players’ union have yet to publicly announce an agreement. Teams and players still have to finalize the deal. 

The AP reported that the minimum salaries for minor league players, which start at $11,000 per year for players at the Low-Class A level, will more than double to $26,200. Players at the High-Class A, AA and AAA levels will also have their salaries nearly double, the AP reported. Players will also begin receiving checks year-round instead of just during the playing season.

The MLB Players Association welcomed minor league players to its union in August 2022. Previously, the MLBPA only represented those on the 40-man MLB roster, which primarily consists of active major league players and a handful of prospects. 

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The announcement by the MLBPA brought in 5,400 players who are signed by major league teams for their minor league affiliates. 

Although typical MLB salaries are in the seven figures, minor league salaries are generally quite low. Players have been increasingly vocal about their pay, arguing that MLB makes it challenging for minor league players to survive on their salary. 

MLB also previously did not pay minor leaguers for participating in spring training or similar instructional leagues. A class action lawsuit was filed alleging wage violations. 

MLB settled with players for $185 million and agreed to start paying athletes for participating in spring training.