New Jersey man accidentally buys winning lottery ticket

Posted at 2:13 AM, Dec 07, 2016
Likely the best mistake this man has ever made.
A New Jersey couple has earned $1 million after getting a lottery ticket he didn’t want. While 70-year-old Dante Castillo usually picks his own numbers, things went a little differently last Thursday, Time reports.
Castillo visited a convenience store in Lakewood, New Jersey, where he bought a Cash4Life ticket – the clerk, however, accidentally sold him a ticket with computer-generated numbers.
But it was probably the best thing that could have happened to Castillo and his wife.
Though the ticket didn’t contain the cash ball number, it matched the five main numbers, meaning it was still a winner.
Castillo and his wife accepted the $1 million lump sum prize, instead of the option of $1,000 weekly for life. We can bet that after this situation, the couple will start more decisions to the wind.