New Year's resolution: Get a Real ID before the deadline

Posted at 11:15 AM, Jan 02, 2020

There's a New Year's resolution you'll want to add to your list for 2020: Getting a Real ID.

Starting on Oct. 1, without a Real ID, you won't be able to get on a plane.

This is will be mandatory for anyone 18 years old and older on any domestic flight.

The change is part of the Real ID Act, which was passed back in 2005 after the 9/11 Commission's study evaluated loopholes and weak spots in security.

"One of things that the 9/11 Commission found was that the issuance of state IDs could be enhanced and needed some additional security measures," Deputy Director of Aviation, Justin Meyer said. "Which is what’s in place now. And that’s kind of what vets a Real ID compliant identification."

Real ID compliant identification includes an updated Real ID Driver's License or non-driver ID Card. There are also other forms you can use that are compliant.

"If you don't have a drivers license or are not a driver or the opportunities to use other forms of identification those are all listed on the TSA website," Meyer said. "But some of them that you're familiar with include a global entry card, or a passport or passport cards, or things passengers commonly have."

To see whether or not you already have a Real ID driver's license, look for a gold star in the top right corner of the card.

You can get a Real ID at your local DMV. There are certain documents that many states require you to bring with you:

  • An acceptable document that verifies your full legal name and date of birth (ex: a birth certificate or passport)
  • Lawful Status in the United States (one acceptable document to verify United States citizenship or immigration status)
  • Social Security Number (one acceptable document)
  • Two documents that show you live in your state, such as a utility bill or vehicle registration
  • Additional items may be required if your name is different from the name on your identity and date of birth verification document, such as a marriage license or court ordered name change documents.

It's encouraged to get the Real ID earlier to avoid the rush and long lines as the deadline approaches. To learn more, click here.

This story was originally published by Rae Daniel at KSHB.