Nightclub for young adults with special needs opens in Arizona

Tucson mom started "Club Zeus," naming the once-a-month dance party after her son with autism.
Club Zeus
Posted at 10:23 AM, Sep 16, 2022

TUCSON, Ariz. — A new nightclub in Tucson, Arizona, for ages 18 and older, encourages anyone with special needs or a disability to join them for a dance party.

Club Zeus only has one requirement for all attendees. 

“Everybody leaves feeling like a rockstar,” said club creator Crisann Black.

Black created the once-a-month dance party for young adults with special needs to enjoy food and drinks in a fun and safe environment.

“They come in full glam, and they look gorgeous, and it’s just incredible to see them and their confidence, and it just all shines,” said Black.

Crisann Black is a mother of five kids. She created Club Zeus naming it after her youngest son with autism.

Even though he’s only 4 years old, she said she thinks about his future often and the need for inclusive spaces for those with developmental disabilities.

“He’s my baby, and I try to remember that he’s growing, and he’s not always going to be a baby,” said Black. “In thinking about his future in regards to therapies or activities that he's involved in, I want to see more activities take place,” she added.

Black said she feels like parents with kids who have special needs often have to explain their behavior to other people.

“I do have to speak on his behalf and explain to people, 'Hey, he has a disability. He doesn’t mean any harm,'" Black said. "And sometimes we get really great responses where families are like, 'Oh, you know what, that makes total sense. Let's let them continue to play.' And then other times families will remove their child, and then he’s kind of left alone to deal with it."

Club Zeus will hold a dance party on the second Saturday of every month.

Club Zeus Flyer from Crisann Black

Their next event is on Oct. 8.

“Being his advocate is one of the greatest things that I can be. Being his mom is amazing, but being there to really defend and support him is probably the best thing,” said Black.

Faith Abercrombie at KGUN first reported this story.