Parents, students demand stronger gun laws after school shooting

Students and their parents converged on Tennessee's State Capitol as lawmakers held their first session following Monday's deadly school shooting.
Parents, students demand stronger gun laws after school shooting
Posted at 12:19 PM, Mar 30, 2023

Hundreds of parents and students gathered at the State Capitol Thursday morning demanding stronger gun laws.

Metro Nashville Public Schools parents are leading this rally in response to the Covenant School shooting Monday.

They were expected to sing to Tennessee elected officials and lift their signs, letting them know they want common-sense gun laws.

Thursday's protest is among several instances where students and parents have rallied in the wake of Monday's mass school shooting that left three adults and three students dead. Last night, Metro Nashville Public School Board of Education members shared how they felt when it comes to the fight to make schools safer.

"Thoughts and prayers are not enough. And if this is not a wake-up call, I do not know what is," said one student.

"Because you would feel like the label you receive as a student is being politicized and its being used as a weapon, but in reality we're just kids, and it's impossible not to feel frustrated," said another student.

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Following the shooting at the Covenant School, Director of Metro Nashville Public Schools Adrienne Battle issued a statement to reassure parents of students' safety. 

"At Metro Schools, we have invested considerable resources to strengthen security at our facilities in response to the far too many, far too often instances of school shootings across the nation over the years. We will continue to reinforce our safety protocols and monitor and follow best practices on keeping students safe from harm," she said.

This article was written by Brianna Hamblin for Scripps News Nashville