Pawn shop workers are seeing the effects of inflation firsthand

pawn shops
Posted at 11:26 AM, Jul 19, 2022

People are selling more items for cash, but they don’t always have the money to pick the items back up. That means inventory at pawn shops is growing.

Pawn shops have had misleading reputations for shady deals, stolen goods, or carrying old junk. But money savings experts say pawn stores can be a gold mine for things like tools, jewelry, and modern equipment.

It can also be a safer way to sell and shop versus doing it online and selling to strangers.

If you’re not sure about visiting a local pawn store, you can start online. offers advice on how much stores are willing to pay for items.

For example, when it comes to power tools, it’s all about the brand.

Pawn stores buy more items than you think--everything from gaming systems to books, musical instruments, home décor, pet supplies, and more.

Pawn stores’ large inventory can also open people up to an entirely new and less expensive way to shop.