PD: 'Joker' arrested in Arizona road rage incident

Posted at 1:26 PM, Apr 20, 2018

A man "showing homage to the DC comic supervillain, The Joker,'" was arrested after a road rage incident in Tempe, Arizona.

Tempe police report that on April 15 near Rio Salado Parkway and Price Road, two vehicles were stopped in the right lane at a red light.

A woman was stopped behind an orange Ford Mustang with lime green rims. She honked and flashed her lights signaling the Mustang to go. 

Instead, the driver, 35-year-old Keith Douglas Casto, pointed a silver handgun at the woman. 

After both cars made the turn, Casto reportedly came alongside the woman's car, rolled down his window and again pointed the handgun at the woman while she was on the phone with police. 

"Keep it in the movies. You're not that person and you don't get paid to point a gun at people in real life." said the woman, who is not being identified for safety reasons. "It looked like a gangster gun. No joke. Absolutely not. It's not okay to point your gun at someone."

Tempe police officers located a car with the license plate 'AZ JOKER' at a nearby gas station. They found Casto with the same gun in his pocket. 

Inside the car, police say, was an homage to the 'DC comic supervillain'. 

They found a 'Joker' flask, a purple cane, an electronic voice changer, fake gold teeth, and joker cards. The silver handgun was also inscribed with the name, 'Joker.'

Police are also investigating an incident in February, possibly involving Casto, where a man matching his description pointed a gun at several people in Tempe parking lot. 

Witnesses described the same car used in the road rage incident.

He has been charged with aggravated assault.