Pence set to begin 2018 midterm campaigning

Pence set to begin 2018 midterm campaigning
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Vice President Mike Pence will begin a yearlong push on Friday aimed at keeping a Republican majority in Congress through the 2018 midterms.

Pence is set to visit the Republican National Committee's headquarters in the first of many midterm-related meetings and events, according to a White House official.

The official added that focusing on the midterms will be a top goal of 2018 for Pence, and he is expected to participate in as many as 30 events for House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates across the country.

"We're long on accomplishments and short on getting credit for them right now, and that's what midterms are about," the White House official said. "And it's our responsibility -- we're not the victim here. The onus is on us to go make the case to the American people that the policies are working."

At the RNC, Pence will spend half a day calling top donors, holding meetings with officials and strategizing on 2018.

Pence will also attend a National Republican Senate Committee fundraiser on the Hill Friday.

The official added that President Donald Trump is expected to do just as much 2018 campaigning, but may start later in the calendar year than Pence.