Police: Florida grandmother purposely overdosed, killed disabled grandson

Posted at 5:45 PM, Sep 25, 2019

BRADENTON, Fla. – Police in Florida say an 87-year-old grandmother admitted to purposely overdosing and killing her disabled grandson over the weekend.

The Bradenton Police Department conducted the death investigation at an apartment in the 5100 block of Riverfront Drive on Sunday. When officers arrived at the home, they found 30-year-old Joel Parks, who unable to take care of himself, deceased.

His grandmother and guardian, Lillian Parks, told officers on scene she "overdosed her grandson with the intention of ending his life," according to police.

Police say Parks admitted to everything.

"She made statements to responding officers that she had purposely overdosed him cause she's dealing with some medical issues herself," Capt. Brian Thiers said. "She's worried when she's gone there will be nobody there to care for him.

Thiers said Joel lived in a group home five days a week and spent weekends with his grandmother.

After Parks is medically evaluated, police say she’ll be charged with 2nd degree murder.

"At the end of the day, Lillian is responsible for the death of another human being," Thiers said. "So, she will be charged with 2nd-degree murder upon her release. She's in a secure medical facility right now. When the doctor releases her, we are intending on charging her with 2nd-degree murder."

This story was originally published by WFTS.