Police investigate 1990s Mercedes Benz found buried in backyard of California home

The 1990s Mercedes convertible was reported stolen
Atherton California investigation Mercedes buried in yard
Posted at 9:36 PM, Oct 21, 2022

Police in Northern California say a Mercedes Benz found buried in the backyard of a home in an affluent part of the San Francisco area was reported stolen.

The 1990s model Mercedes Benz convertible was found buried multiple feet below ground in the yard of a home in Atherton, California, just south of San Francisco.

Dan Larsen, Atherton police commander, said, "The vehicle was possibly buried somewhere in the 1990s and was buried approximately four-to-five feet into the ground," he said.

"There were unused bags of concrete throughout the vehicle, but they were still in bags," Larsen said.

Police say the vehicle was buried before the current homeowners took possession of the residence. Authorities say the current homeowners are being cooperative in the ongoing investigation, KGOreported.

Larsen said, "this is an ongoing investigation, and we do not know what direction this investigation is going right now. We do not know if this is a criminal or non-criminal investigation."

Cadaver dogs brought out to assist in the investigation have reacted to multiple points around the buried vehicle.

Larsen said, "I've done a few questions with some different canine officers. And what they've said is it could be human remains. They could be reacting to blood. They could be reacting to old bones. They could be acting to human vomit. It could be any one of those combinations of things that the dogs are reacting to. They did mention that because of the timeframe that this vehicle has been buried -- for approximately 30 years -- that a slight reaction would be consistent with the duration that the vehicle has been buried."