Police: 'No credible sightings' of Waffle House shooting suspect

Posted at 6:43 AM, Apr 23, 2018

Police said there have been “no credible sightings” of the man suspected of opening fire at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee – killing four and wounding four others.

The mass shooting happened around 3:25 a.m. Sunday at 3571 Murfreesboro Pike near Hobson Pike.

4 Dead, 4 Injured In Waffle House Shooting

Metro Nashville Police Department officials named 29-year-old Travis Reinking, from Illinois, as a person of interest in the shooting, saying the vehicle the gunman used was registered to him.

Officials said Reinking came to the Waffle House with the intent to kill. He was nude, wearing only a green jacket when he fatally shot 29-year-old Taurean C. Sanderlin and 20-year-old Joe R. Perez outside the building. 

Two others, 21-year-old DeEbony Groves and 23-year-old Akilah Dasilva were fatally wounded inside the restaurant.

But a hero was ready to intervene.

“If I let him reload this weapon there won't be another chance…”

James Shaw was hiding near the bathrooms when he saw his chance to act. He rushed Reinking, wrestled for the gun, and was able to toss it over the counter, out of the gunman's reach.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get to them any faster. So much life was lost, and there's no reason for it," he said. 

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Reinking then fled the Waffle House without his jacket.

It's believed he ran completely nude to his apartment, located just up the street, where he put on a pair of black pants and possibly armed himself with another gun.

Then it is believed he ran into the woods where he hasn't been seen since.

Remembering The Victims: 

Taurean C. Sanderlin was an employee of the restaurant who was killed as he stood outside. Also killed outside was 20-year-old Joe R. Perez, of Nashville, who was a patron. 

The third death at the scene was 21-year-old DeEbony Groves, of Gallatin. She was killed inside the restaurant. Groves was a student at Belmont University. 

Akilah Dasilva, nicknamed Natrix, was passionate about his music and pursued a career in musical engineering at MTSU. He was wounded inside the restaurants and later died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  

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(From left to right: DeEbony Groves, Akilah DaSilva, Joe R. Perez and Taurean C. Sanderlin) 

The Manhunt Continues 

Sunday’s rainy weather proved to be problematic in authorities’ search effort. The rain washed away any scent that K9s could track, also forcing Metro’s chopper to be grounded. 

Police said they’re relying on the nearly 100 officers scouring this area for any clues.

As of Monday morning, police said there have been no credible sightings of Reinking since Sunday morning. 

If you see someone who looks like Reinking, do not approach him. You should immediately call 911. 

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