At least 4 injured after tornadoes hit Texas

Posted at 6:55 PM, Mar 21, 2022

DALLAS (AP) — Severe thunderstorms with reports of possible tornadoes have spread damage across parts of North Texas and injured at least four people.

Officials reported damage Monday throughout Jacksboro, about 60 miles northwest of Fort Worth.

There, a storm ripped the wall and roof from parts of Jacksboro High School.

"I've been in this district for 30 years and this is the most catastrophic damage I've witnessed," said Brad Burnett, Jacksboro Independent School District Superintendent. "So we're just very blessed to have facilities that were designed to sustain a storm, the storm damage that we received."

The city's animal shelter was also damaged in the storm.

In Bowie, 30 miles northeast of Jacksboro, damage also was reportedly widespread with reports of some people trapped in collapsed structures.

The City of Round Rock, north of Austin, said it was also hit by a tornado Monday night.

"Debris in roadways and structural damage to multiple homes and businesses has been sighted along the path of tornados," the city said in a statement.

No fatalities had been reported in Round Rock, officials said.

According to The Weather Channel, a tornado also hit Oklahoma Monday night.

A storm system had been predicted to bring strong tornadoes and large hail to the region on Monday.