Power plant may have caused brief snowstorm in Northern Kentucky

Did a power plant cause a snowstorm in Kentucky?
Did a power plant cause a snowstorm in Kentucky?
Posted at 6:10 AM, Feb 02, 2018

Seven Northern Kentucky school districts closed Friday after a narrow band of lake-effect snow fell quickly overnight.

Untreated roads quickly turned dangerous, prompting more than 10 other schools to delay or cancel school bus routes. 

Meteorologists at Scripps station WCPO in Cincinnati suspected the lake effect snow developed from a weather system that originated more than 600 miles away on Lake Superior.

So, how did the snow system make its way so far south?

WCPO meteorologists say it appears the smokestacks at a power plant in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, pumped just enough moisture into the atmosphere to quickly dump snow across three counties in Northern Kentucky.