Principal berates students in cell phone video recorded in school in Michigan

Posted at 8:03 PM, Sep 26, 2019

A student says when she would tell her parents how school staff spoke to her, they didn’t believe her. So she grabbed her phone and recorded it.

When her family saw it they said it is time for adults to be held accountable.

In the video she recorded you can hear the principal of the Riverside Academy West Charter School in Dearborn, Michigan, and students. The principal says he was called by a teacher to help with disruptive students.

Because she is a minor we are withholding her identity, but the student recording admits she interrupted class by talking with a friend. She says the principal then overreacted.

He can be held yelling at the students to shut up and to go to another school if they don’t like it. He calls one student a big mouth.

“I was scared. One girl was crying, because he has two faces, one for the parents and for us,” said the student.

“I cannot imagine watching a teacher treat my children this way,” said Kaytlyn Dell, who is the student’s older sister.

She is speaking for her parents because they do not speak English.

“Kids are screaming. Teachers are screaming. There is no structure,” said Dell.

“Anything short of treating children with dignity and respect, parents, colleagues, administrators, is unacceptable. So anytime that is compromised we take that very seriously and address the matter swiftly,” said Michael Conran, Superintendent of Global Education Excellence Schools, which runs several charter schools.

Conran says he cannot comment on student behavior or personnel issues due to privacy laws, but the school will follow up.

“My hope is that a conversation can take place, perhaps at this table with the parents, students, and staff members involved and there can be resolution,” said Conran.

This article was written by Kim Russell for WXYZ .