Professor who called students 'white savior' and 'Uncle Tom' could return to teaching

Lecturer put on leave after state investigation
Posted at 9:15 PM, Apr 09, 2018

A professor who made disparaging racial remarks toward a student may be returning to the San Diego State University campus after a forced hiatus.

Professor Oscar Monge is scheduled to teach three writing classes in the American Indian Students department for Fall 2018, according to registration records.

Monge was suspended in the beginning of 2018 after the California Attorney General's Office said he made discriminatory remarks toward a white student.

He referred to white student as a "white savior," a black student as an "Uncle Tom," and another as a "Cherokee princess" according to a state investigator’s report.

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“A faculty listing does not constitute a confirmed appointment. The university will begin to process temporary faculty appointments for Fall 2018 during the month of July," an SDSU spokesperson said.

Crystal Sudano, one of the students who Monge made comments toward, said this is bad idea.

“How much more abuse is San Diego State going to take?” said Sudano, “He’s got everybody by the gonads and everybody’s afraid to do anything.”

Monge is currently on administrative leave and has not returned multiple requests for comment.