Queen Letizia of Spain visits US to promote language

Queen Letizia, García Montero
Posted at 7:13 PM, Dec 13, 2022

Queen Letizia of Spain made a trip to Los Angeles to open a center that will be dedicated to the growth and promotion of the Spanish language, along with the country's culture.

The branch in Los Angeles is the seventh location of the institute in the United States, the Associated Pressreported. Spanish is the second-most common language spoken in the U.S. after the English language.

Letizia Ortíz opened this first branch of the Cervantes Institute on the U.S. West Coast recently.

The institute was founded by the Spanish government in 1991 to promote Hispanic culture.

As the Daily Mail reported, Spain's queen, 50, was there on a two day trip. This will be her second trip to the U.S. this year, after flying to New York in September, just after Queen Elizabeth's funeral, to visit the United Nations.

Letizia is better known in Spain as a progressive feminist which is seen as very different from the monarchist perception many may have.

She is said to have played a significant part in the royal family's decision to break ties with the palace’s corruption-linked past.

The King of Spain has a largely ceremonial role in the country with executive power belonging with elected parliamentary members.