Rick Scott plans to challenge Mitch McConnell as top Senate Republican

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Posted at 3:21 PM, Nov 15, 2022

Sen. Rick Scott will challenge Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for the top Republican spot in the Senate in an attempt to unseat him.

As Fox News reported, Scott has been repeatedly asked in recent months if he would challenge McConnell, and he has repeatedly declined to rule out the possibility.

In a letter from Scott's office, he writes, “I believe it’s time for the Senate Republican Conference to be far more bold and resolute that we have been in the past. We must start saying what we are for, not just what we are against."

Sen. Scott currently chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

In a tweet, Sen. Scott wrote, "The status quo is broken and big change is needed. It's time for new leadership in the Senate that unites Republicans to advance a bold conservative agenda. That's why I'm running to be the Senate Republican Leader."

He said he would “always work to be transparent with each of you and to bring the conference together” and would “lead the conference in developing a positive, aspirational agenda that outlines our legislative goals and what Senate Republicans stand for," Sen. Scott said in the letter.

“I humbly ask for your vote as your next Republican Leader,” he wrote.

Sen. Scott shared the news, linking to a report from Fox Newswho reported they first obtained the letter that went out to GOP lawmakers on Tuesday.

According to The Hill, Senate Republicans are set to hold leadership elections on Wednesday Nov. 16.

Conference Chair Sen. John Barrasso from Wyoming said they will begin at 9:30 a.m. ET, telling Newsy's Nathaniel Reed that "nothing's changed."