Stranger Things stores open in the US and France so fans can celebrate the 80s in person

You may even encounter a Demogorgon
Stranger Things Businesses
Posted at 2:59 PM, Jul 26, 2022

The Netflix hit Stranger Things is trying a brick-and-mortar experience, letting fans feel like they are visiting Hawkins, allowing them to take a piece of the show with them.

Fans interested in the show can now book a spot to visit multiple Stranger Things "official" stores in Dallas and Chicago in the U.S., and in Paris, France.

Visitors can reserve a spot on the store's website, and then go and visit the pop-ups which make fans feel like they are in the various sets and locations from the show. You can answer the yellow phone at Joyce's house, walk through the Russian lab, and possibly face a Demogorgon.

The stores are open through the week and weekend for a limited time, including the store's Paris location.

The show has revived some possibly forgotten technology from the era using a plethora of vintage tech as props throughout the show's episodes. The DMR Ham Radio used in the show has probably brought back memories for many. Review Geek looked at multiple pieces of technology used in the show and examined how that technology has evolved into what we use today.

Radio technology like this is still used today. Of course, even though HAM radios could cover an impressive distance back in the day, technology now has made even calling other parts of the world low cost, or even free.

Another interesting piece of tech used in the show was the Sony Walkman for playing music. That technology has evolved immensely over the years and decades. From portable digital music devices like the once-ubiquitous iPod, to now having all of that music streaming right on your phone.