Study finds no health benefits to drinking alcohol for anyone under 40

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Posted at 1:14 PM, Oct 26, 2022

A new study has found that there are no health benefits to drinking alcohol for people under the age of 40.

The report published in the Lancet journal is based on 30 years' worth of information on people between 15 and 95 years old.

The research says drinking does not protect from various diseases, including hypertension, epilepsy, and various forms of cancer.

Although small amounts might help reduce diabetes and cardiovascular disease in people 40 and over.

The data also found drinkers under the age of 40 are more vulnerable to potential threats like fatal alcohol-related auto accidents and homicide.

There has been some criticism of the study.

A senior research fellow at a U.K. research group says a majority of alcohol-related deaths occur in the elderly population.