Teacher credited for saving the life of choking student

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Posted at 12:49 PM, Sep 19, 2022

An elementary school student in Wisconsin is alive thanks to the quick action of a teacher

ABC affiliate WXOW reported that third-grader Bryson Moe was eating almonds when he realized something wasn't right.

"Bryson had come up to me. He had a look of panic," teacher Samantha Wais told the news outlet. "I just feel like my mama bear teacher mode kicked in. I just turned him around and started doing the Heimlich. It just was like an instinct."

Moe said he was thankful for her help.

"She saved my life," Moe told the news outlet.

Wais told the news outlet that you're never sure when a moment like this could happen, so that's why she said it's important to pay attention and retain any emergency training.