Texas couple rescues baby found abandoned in outdoor shed

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Posted at 9:06 PM, Sep 26, 2022

A Texas mother and her husband rescued a baby found abandoned in an outdoor shed after some suspicious activity spotted on a security camera followed by barks from their dog led them to find the child.

Katharine McClain, 52, and her husband John McClain, 54, said they woke up early over the weekend to the sound of a truck driving away from their home in the small town of Livingston.

Their security camera showed a man, without a shirt on, checking cars on the property.

McClain said, "My dog was barking around the shed and my husband went out there to see what was going on.... opened the door and the baby was laying on the floor."

Her husband said, “I turned around and told my wife, ‘Call 911. There’s a baby in there.’”

The couple called emergency services, who then took the baby to a Houston-area hospital for treatment.

The father is now facing charges related to child abandonment.

“I’m a mom,” Ms. McClain said. “I was pretty frantic and just shocked. It’s still kind of got me a little bit.”

The couple has offered to adopt the baby and wishes the best for the father.

“I just want her to be happy and live a good life, and if they give her to me, I’ll take her in a heartbeat and she’ll never have any worries again,” Ms McClain said.

The suspect was later identified through surveillance footage and other evidence as 43-year-old Clifford Jason Guynes.

Guynes was taken to jail with a bond set at $200,000.

Authorities say they're investigating why Guynes was released from jail following a recent arrest in Texas. He reportedly has a criminal record that includes charges of assault and drug violations.