The Detroit Zoo's baby giraffe just met her family for the first time and the video is adorable

Posted at 4:34 PM, Aug 24, 2016

Zawadi, the Detroit Zoo's newborn giraffe, just met her whole family for the first time. She was born just 18 days ago and it wasn't until today that Zawadi spent time with her mother, father and brother.

Video of the giraffe family was released Wednesday by the Detroit Zoo. You can see Zawadi, who was more than 5-feet tall at birth, stride through her home at the zoo. She's joined by her mother Kivuli, her father Jabari and her two-year-old brother, Mpenzi.

The zoo will soon allow visitors to feed the entire giraffe family. You can buy a $5 ticket that pays for food and lets you feed the giraffes. There are two feeding times each day where fifty people are able to feed the Detroit Zoo's giraffes.