The pros and cons of each alternative to plastic straws

Posted at 11:02 AM, Sep 18, 2019

The Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport is the latest place dropping plastic straws. The airport with phase them out this week.

More than 4 million plastic straws are used at the airport every year. Vendors at the airport will supply alternatives to the plastic straws, says airport officials.

There are several straw alternatives to choose from, including metal, silicone, paper and glass straws. However, each straw comes with pros and cons.

The paper straw: easy, convenient and disposable. But if you leave it in a drink, it’ll break down easily or get soggy. Plastic straws are, however, are available at almost all grocery stores.

The glass straw: great, because they don’t compromise taste and they are dishwasher safe. But if you drop it, it’s breakable.

The metal straw: becoming more popular and is very durable. A plus is it’ll stay cold when you place it in a cold or frozen drink. But when it comes to cleaning it, you’ll need a second tool.

The silicone straw: durable. If you like to bite your straw, the soft, silicone straw is for you. However, they can be difficult to clean.

All four options are relatively inexpensive. They can cost anywhere from $3 to $7. Metal and glass straws can be purchased online, while the others can be found at grocery stores.