The results are in: Girl learns whether Santa left behind DNA evidence on cookie

Thanksgiving Parade
Posted at 4:21 PM, Jan 24, 2023

A girl got some answers in her quest to learn whether Santa Claus really visited her house on Christmas.

The girl sent a sample of a cookie and carrot sticks Santa had allegedly eaten to the Cumberland Police Department. She requested that they test for Santa's DNA to determine whether he is real.

The police department referred the samples to the Rhode Island Health Department for analysis.

The Health Department said it conducted a DNA analysis of the cookie, but there were no matches in the system used to help solve cold cases. However, officials noted that there was a partial match to a 1947 case "centered around 34th street in New York City."

In reference to the carrots, officials said they found DNA closely matching reindeer.

The department said that while they weren't able to definitively prove that Santa visited the girl's home, they believe something "magical" may be at play.

Officials said they hope the girl's curiosity leads her to apply to work at the Rhode Island Department of Health's State Health Laboratories in the future.