Uvalde staffer says she is 'suffering mentally' after being falsely blamed for leaving door open at school

Raul Noyola, Ofelia Noyola
Posted at 5:22 PM, Oct 24, 2022

A Texas school staffer who was falsely blamed for leaving a door propped open that allowed a gunman to enter a Uvalde school is speaking publically for the first time.

In the months since the deadly shooting, Emilia Marin told "Good Morning America" on Monday that the experience has been traumatic for her.

Initially, the Texas Department of Public Safety said the gunman was able to enter Robb Elementary School because a door was left propped open by someone at school, later identified as Marin.

Well, that happened not to be true.

Authorities later clarified that Marin shut the door, but it did not lock properly, which allowed the gunman to enter the school and fatally shot 19 students and two teachers, NPR reported.

During her interview, Marin told "Good Morning America" that she is "suffering mentally," and suffers from body shakes, anxiety, depression, and a stutter.

"I am suffering mentally, of course, emotionally," Marin said, per NBC News. "I am suffering from post-traumatic arthritis, which is very painful. There are nights when everybody goes to bed and I just stay awake with the pain and my daughter tells me ... 'Mom, soak in the tub.' And I tell her I can't because I can't get out."

She added later in the interview that she is in therapy, but loud noises continue to scare her.