Virginia man claiming $600 lottery win actually won $1 million

Posted at 12:59 PM, Sep 12, 2022

A Virginia man thought he won $600 in the state lottery when he actually won a lot more than that.

According to state lottery officials, Jose Flores Velasquez took his 20X the Money ticket to Virginia Lottery's customer service center to claim his prize. However, lottery employees quickly realized Velasquez actually won $1 million.

Officials said Velasquez bought the winning ticket when he stopped by a Safeway grocery store in Annandale after work to purchase a pack of soft drinks.

Velasquez had the option to take the entire $1 million prize over 30 years or take it as a one-time cash payment of $759,878 before taxes, officials said.

The news release said He took the cash.

According to the lottery officials, the store that he bought the ticket from will receive a $10,000 bonus from Virginia Lottery.

Velasquez said he plans to use the money to take care of his family and possibly start his own business, lottery officials said.