Warner Bros. Discovery to reportedly use 'Max' name for HBO Max-Discovery+ service

The company is set to merge the HBO Max and Discovery+ streaming services.
HBO Max set for May 27 launch, initial lineup announced
Posted at 9:11 PM, Dec 05, 2022

Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly close to deciding on the name "Max" for their planned combination of the HBO Max and Discovery+ streaming services.

The company plans to merge the two streaming services in the spring according to a reportfrom CNBC.

The report says lawyers are currently vetting the name that executives with the company have chosen. The combined platform would contain content from brands including HBO, Discovery and DC Comics.

CNBC previously reported that executives from the company had been looking for a new name for the combined streaming services.

As The Verge reported, pricing for the new service has not been announced yet.

The company wants to increase their subscription base and improve profitability, while also choosing a name that doesn't overshadow the other branded content offerings.