Wells Fargo customers experience tech issues

A flurry of comments on social media warned of customers experiencing what was described as a "glitch" with Wells Fargo accounts.
Wells Fargo customers experience tech issues
Posted at 6:53 PM, Mar 10, 2023

Wells Fargo customers missed scheduled transactions and direct deposits on Friday after what was described as a "glitch."

The tech issues were blamed for causing transactions to go missing from online bank accounts, the Charlotte Business Journal reported, from that city, the country's second-largest banking town after New York. 

Wells Fargo & Co., headquartered in San Francisco, didn't immediately reply to a request for clarification by Scripps News. 

Forbes reported that as customers went on social media to voice concerns, the company blamed the issue on technical problems, but it didn't appear to be connected to a bank stock crash from Thursday. 

The issue became a trending topic on Twitter and DownDetector noted a sharp spike in complaints early on Friday morning, which went for hours into the afternoon. 

Wells Fargo alerted customers on its banking app, writing, “If you see incorrect balances or missing transactions, this may be due to a technical issue and we apologize.”

A Wells Fargo spokesperson did not indicate the company had a time for when the issues would be resolved and told Forbes that the company was "aware that some customers’ direct deposit transactions are not showing on their accounts.”

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