Wisconsin home on the verge of falling into Lake Michigan

Posted at 11:18 AM, Apr 22, 2018

SOMER, Wis. -- A couple from the Village of Somers, Wisconsin was forced to leave their home because of erosion.

The house is teetering on the ground above Lake Michigan.

Tom and Marge Lindgren were sitting in their kitchen last weekend when they heard a loud crash. 

"I heard a crash and jumped up. I looked out and the porch went crashing down.

I ran up packed a bag and my wife packed a bag and we grabbed the dog and got outta here," said Lindgren. Shoreline erosion along Lake Michigan has been a problem for decades.

Some homeowners invest in heavy rock barricades to fight the high waves.

Lindgren received a $300,000 estimate to stabilize the bluff, but it's a price he can’t pay.

"I lived here as a kid. I went to school here. It's gone. I've still got to find a new place to stay," said Lindgren.

Lindgren has talked to officials with the Village of Somers. They came out and boarded up his home.

AGoFundMe account has been set up for the couple.